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About Us
Molli's Garden was created in 2001 by Jill Mattison Ririe after the suicide of her 15 year-old daughter, Molli. We are dedicated to reaching out and offering hope to young people and eradicating the silent epidemic of suicide.

Five days after the death of her daughter, Molli, and the morning after her memorial service, Jill Mattison and her fiance' were sitting outside on her deck trying unsuccessfully to make sense of what had happened and still reeling from the shock and pain of Molli being gone. As she agonized, unable to even comprehend moving forward, the Lord placed upon her heart that He wanted a website designed called "Molli's Garden." Those were seeds planted that didn't become a desire until several months later during a five day stay in a remote mountain cabin where Ms. Mattison sought solitude and time with God to work on her grief. The website took birth and was published online two months later in November of 2001. She had received a prophecy after Molli's memorial that her words would reach thousands all over the World. The family had no idea that this website (along with Jill Ririe's published books) would see that prophecy fulfilled.

Nearly one year later she and her three remaining daughters made a requested guest appearance on the internationally renowned TV show, Beyond with James VanPraagh. Their appearance and subsequent re-runs drew hundreds to the website (see the Guestbook entries), and God increased the number to thousands.

This website and the writing of her first book, I Can Only Imagine... a journey through grief, faith, and love by Jill Ririe, spurred many requests for presentations to schools, groups such as AmeriCorps and Ft. Lewis Military Base, and churches. Read an article... Ms. Ririe also has become an active volunteer for the Washington State branch of Youth Suicide Prevention Program (YSPP) and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

Jill Ririe has also become an ordained minister and officiates at weddings and various ceremonies. She comforts and guides grieving parents. She is also the owner and head designer of Classy Designs, NWand stays busy designing websites for clients.

To contact Ms. Ririe to give a presentation to your school or group or to request a copy of one of her books, visit the Contact page.
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Future Goals
Updating Molli's Garden and giving it a beautiful, fresh look has been a great accomplishment. We hope to add new and interesting additions that will attract even more young people and keep them retu

Molli has been gone over seven years; though it often seems like yesterday. Our determination and mission hasn't diminished. On the contrary, it has become a ministry of hope and has taken on more of an urgent tone in these last days before the Lord's Return.

Ms. Ririe's newest book, a fiction entitled, The Choice, is now completed, and we hope to find a new publisher very soon so that we can share both books with the World. We hope this new book will touch even more lives than her first book did as it's an incredibly powerful story. Read more about The Choice by Jill Ririe.

Donations Welcome
This website and the ministry of Ms. Ririe is voluntary and the costs are great. Should you wish to give a gift of money as a donation, as a tribute in honor of someone, or as a memorial for someone you've lost to suicide, please visit our Donations page.

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