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Jill Ririe, Author

Born the youngest of seven children on Easter Sunday, Jill Upton Ririe grew up in Webster, South Dakota before relocating to Seattle and learned what she terms, “strong Midwestern values” of the simple things in life. She had a love for God, family and others.

The author relocated near Seattle and became very active in her church and community. Jill has received several awards for her work with children. After Molli's death, she returned to college for graphic design, psychology, and writing and has become a successful writer, presenter, and web designer. For more information on scheduling her to speak or ordering books, contact her through this website at jill [at]

She recently completed her newest book, The Choice, a powerful fiction that will touch your heart. It is the continuing story of Molli after her death when she meets her Savior after making the choice to end her life. It is touching, filled with love and tenderness, but also reveals that even after death, there are consequences for every choice we make here on Earth...

I Can Only ImagineBook

Almost three years ago a beloved fifteen-year-old girl chose to end her life. Her choice led her family on a journey through despair, acceptance, and then hope. Her mother, Jill Ririe, wrote I Can Only Imagine to touch the hearts of people worldwide who have considered suicide as an option or experienced it as a survivor, and those who have gone through the loss of a child.

Suicide is an epidemic in our world, especially among the young. In our nation alone, more people die from suicide than from homicide. For young people 15-24 years old, suicide is the second leading cause of death, behind unintentional injury and homicide. Unfortunately, it is a topic not often acknowledged nor discussed. I Can Only Imagine challenges the societal problem of teen suicide, as well as provides proof of God’s unfailing love for us; helping us to conquer our fear of death.

I Can Only Imagine is an important story of awareness and for hope in the unknown. Jill Ririe has taken a tremendous emotional and spiritual journey initiated by her grief; a journey that has led her to know peace and strength in Christ. The author’s talent for writing brings an uncanny sense of realism to the reader, and is provided a true perspective of the pain of grief as well as joy in life after death. In its uniqueness, it contains conversations between the author and her daughter since her passing, and also between the author and the Lord. It culminates with a inspirational message from Molli to the World.

Mrs. Ririe’s book is based on God’s love for us and addresses many common questions that people have. It contains true-life miracles that have occurred and shows how to heal from grief and how to experience hope and a sense of normalcy. Overall, this story will leave the reader with a new understanding of death, as well as a new outlook on God’s hand in their lives.

This is the first book in a series that Jill is writing. Her work will concentrate on helping others through their grief, ending the plague of suicide among our youth, and spreading the news of God’s joyous miracles in what the Lord termed "the Miracle Season." This book will certainly touch your heart and your spirit. Read comments and reviews of book

Jill Ririe writes, "I had been praying about God's direction in my life. As was the case in creating this website, I felt compelled to write a book but didn't have any idea as to the details only that it would be about Molli's choice to end her life.

I started praying about the title of the book and what it was supposed to be about. One early morning, while laying in bed and asking the Father what plans He had for me that day, my alarm clock (set to our local Christian music station, 105.3) went off unexpectedly and the song, "I Can Only Imagine" sung by Mercy Me made its debut in my heart and soul, along with the most immense feeling of love all around me and the words "The title of the book" surging through my head. I was overwhelmed and so humbled."