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About Molli Continued

Molli's Beliefs
Molli believed in God and in His son, Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She believed in the goodness of people. To Molli, there was no skin color, no race or religion - just one nation, under God. One of her most important beliefs concerning people was that everyone deserves respect. "People are too quick to make fun of others and make them feel badly." is something similar to what she used to say to me. To her that was simply meanness. Making fun of what other's wear, what their hair looks like, what shape they're in - are all something many of us are guilty of, and very typical in a normal day of school, right? Think about this - please -... What if the one unkind or thoughtless comment you make to someone is the final thing that makes them feel totally worthless and want to end their life? No one knows how much stress and pain someone is going through unless they walk in their shoes, right? What gives any of us the right to make someone feel badly - or just as thoughtless - stand by while someone else does it?

Somehow, when disaster hit on September 11th, everyone pulled together and appreciated each other and especially their families - at least for awhile. What makes us go back to the same old selfish ways? - HABIT. However, habits have been made to be broken, and it starts with baby steps. Please take the first baby step in stopping yourself or someone else from saying something badly about someone. I guarantee you'll feel good about it. I also know that Molli will be smiling at you and saying, "Thanks!" with her beautiful smile. Next - Saying Goodbye To Molli

Gifts of Art, Writing, and Music

Molli and her piano

Molli was an aspiring songwriter. She loved playing our digital piano and was always writing. These are two of her songs - My Song and the last one she wrote and finished the night before she died, It's Up To You...

The following poem is a Mother's Day Poem written for me from Molli in May of 2001. It was also attached to the note she left for me when she died.

Some things can't be explained,
Like they have a certain way or secret about them that no one shall dare figure out.
Some things are too special,
That all beautiful things in the world bow down in envy.
Some love is too strong,
Like the love I've felt for you ever since you created me and gave me life.
Although nothing is perfect,
Some things come mighty close.
Some things are too good for words,
Like life, love, God, happiness, and all the other wonders of the world.
It's a wonder how day after day actually feel your everlasting love for me.
It's a wonder how day after day you deserve more than you receive and you don't complain.
It's a wonder how all the advice you give me is true at the heart and sometimes I don't listen.
It's a wonder how God can make something as special as you.
It's a wonder how most kids don't take their parents advice, even though it's always best.
It's a wonder how out of all the great things in the world that make life worth living,
Worth getting up for,
Worth loving day after day,
Worth listening to,
Worth crying with,
Worth laughing with,
Worth thanking God for,
And much much more,
They can never live up to the greatest wonder of all,
Guess what... That wonder is you.

I love you momma.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Molli Anne Mattison

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