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DISCLAIMER: This page is for information only and is not intended to be used as a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional.

Suicide Facts

Suicide: Read This First - if you're thinking about it.
or call 1-800-SUICIDE to talk to a counselor right now


Conditions associated with increased risk of suicide

  • Death or terminal illness of relative or friend.
  • Divorce, separation, broken relationship, stress on family.
  • Loss of health (real or imaginary).
  • Loss of job, home, money, status, self-esteem, personal security.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Depression. In the young depression may be masked by hyperactivity or acting out behavior. In the elderly it may be incorrectly attributed to the natural effects of aging. Depression that seems to quickly disappear for no apparent reason is cause for concern. The early stages of recovery from depression can be a high risk period. Recent studies have associated anxiety disorders with increased risk for attempted suicide. Read More


Read FAQs About Youth Suicide

Learn About Self Harm

Jared Osmond Introducing - Jared Osmond - Jared Osmond, son of Verle Osmond of the Osmond Brothers is an extremely gracious and caring individual. When contacted on MySpace by Jill Ririe regarding his inspiring song, "Angels Behind You" that you'll find on this page, he gave full permission with his blessings for her to use it on this site in hopes that it might help someone else. The storys behind his writing of this and other songs will touch your heart. Check out his website,, and also read about his passion to help abused children and his newest CD Innocent Ones. God bless you, Jared, and thank you again.

About Depression and Suicide

All of us, including children and adolescents, have times during our lives when we feel sad or depressed and it is normal to feel that way sometimes. A depressed mood can be linked to specific events or it can be biologically based or it can be a combination of both.

You can tell when normal feelings have gone beyond “normal” when the feelings go on for an extended period of time; the feelings continue to get worse; things that have worked in the past to help relieve these feelings aren’t working; and/or the feelings interfere with day-to-day functioning. Learn More

Be who God made you to be...

God cares

Did you know that several famous biblical characters went through bouts of depressed and even suicidal thoughts? Elijah was one of the most powerful prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible (Read 1 and 2 Kings), and yet he talked about taking his life at one point. The Lord Jesus understands your pain and your confusion. The key here is to talk to Him about it, and ask Him to give you the courage and the strength to get through it - to see each day through. Ask for others to pray for you. Hang in there - we need you.

He loves


Are You a Survivor of an Attempted Suicide?

Other resources that might be helpful

After an Attempt: A Guide for Taking Care of Yourself After Your Treatment in the Emergency Department: This brochure was created to help attempters of suicide. It offers information about moving ahead after treatment in the emergency department and provides resources for more information about suicide and mental illnesses.

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