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To All Young People - Let's Talk.

Talking - Communication is always good. Beginning a conversation isn't always easy. Ironically enough, this is the page I have struggled with the most, and you are the very reason this site exists! I want this to be a place where you feel good, and at the very least feel better when you leave.

I wish I could explain to you how wonderful each one of you is - how God molded each one of you and gave each one of you a destiny before you were even in your mother's womb? That's hard to believe isn't it? I guess that's why it's called faith. There are so many mysteries about God, and in these end-time days He is revealing a lot of it. If any of you have questions about your faith or about God, please write to me through the Contact page. I will do my best to either answer or find the answers for you. We at Molli's Garden and Miracle Season Outreach would also love to pray for you, so please also send in your prayer requests through the Contact page.

Being understood these days is difficult isn't it? There are so many more pressures that today's generation of young people - you - have to deal with than we as adults ever had to. It must be very frustrating and seem very hopeless at times. Does it?

This page will attempt to concentrate on helping you to cope with that, sharing situations with you that you can identify with, and hopefully giving you some insight on things and ways you could change to enable you to be the person that God intends you to be.

If you'd like to tell your story, have a poem to share, or have a question, please write us a note through the Contact page. We would also like to hear from those of you who have recovered from depression or suicidal thoughts. Please send your stories so that we can post them. They will be valuable in helping kids to know that there is hope and recovery and that others have been there.YOU ARE VALUABLE!

In crisis? Call 1-800-273-TALK

Being valued isn't just a "kid thing". Everyone needs and deserves to feel valued - even your parents and guardians. Parents don't always have it easy either trying to prepare you for life in the real world and only ther our own experiences to guide them so many times. They react out of fear of not being able to do that and not because they want to control you or expect you to be perfect. Hopefully, you can understand that.

Not every one has been blessed with loving parents, and I'm sure many of you have known only one parent - or no parents. Life isn't always fair, and people are people. They can and will make mistakes. There is only one that you can count on to always be there and love you, and that's the Lord. He loves each one of you so perfectly and unconditionally regardless of any mistakes you have made. Let Him be your father, your mother, your brother, and/or your friend. He's been my best friend since Molli's death in 2001.

Be kind to one another...

This is one saying that if you ask anyone who knew Molli, or even take the time to read through the Guest Book, you'll see that Molli lived by this saying. Did you know that it actually is one of God's commandments? Oh, it might be written formally a little differently, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." but it still means the same.

Being kind to each other isn't a choice God gives to us, it's something He expects us to be obedient and do. "Love one another, even as I have loved you." is what Jesus told His disciples. So many of us expect and take for granted God's love, and by His grace He allows us to do that, but what has come to me so clearly is why we expect that from Him, but we aren't willing to deliver the same back to God? When tragedy hits us, or times are tough, we pray for help. It's all God asks us to do, as long as what we pray for glorifies Him. But if you had a friend who constantly asked you for help and relied on you for support, but never returned it, how would that make you feel? Fortunately for us, God is a big God and knows our shortcomings. He loves us so much and knows how weak we are so He gives us every chance possible to be who He wants us to be.

"I feel so down, and I don't know why."

This may surprise you, but part of what you're feeling might just be normal. Deciding what isn't normal is the important thing, as is figuring out how to start feeling positive again. Everyone has periods in their life when everything seems to go wrong, they feel like a failure, nothing they do seems to be right, and they don't feel worthwhile. The one thing for you to remember is that, "This too, shall pass." It WILL get better. It has to because you haven't finished what you came to this Earth to accomplish yet. Maybe what you're feeling is part of the learning - part of what you need to go through to get to what God's plan is for you. Ever think of it that way? Probably not. It's pretty difficult to think of something positive when negative energy is filling you up. What our hope is, is that you might learn some tools here as to how to channel that negative energy into something positive, because you're needed.

I taught my daughter Molli, as well as her sisters, that no one has the right to make you feel badly about yourself - no one. Just the same, you don't have that right either. No one's any better than you and no one's worse. There's my two cents worth. Please take it to your heart and help change the world into a better place. There's nothing more painful than remembering as an adult that you were unkind or unfair to someone when you were younger and might have had a definite negative impact on them growing up - just as there's nothing more painful than to be an adult who was picked on when younger.

Hope - Don't let go

No matter what, always believe in yourself, because no matter who you are, you are loved by someone. To the World you may be one person, but to one person you could be the World.